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Implementation of National Construction Code 2022 in the ACT

The changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) 2022, which came into effect in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on May 1, 2023, include several significant updates:

1. Adoption of New Provisions in the ACT:

The Minister for Sustainable Buildings and Construction, Rebecca Vassarotti MLA, announced that the ACT will adopt the energy efficiency, condensation mitigation, and liveable (accessible housing) provisions in NCC 2022 on January 15, 2024. The original plan was to adopt these provisions from October 1, 2023​​.  [“]

2. Implementation of New Requirements:

The 2022 edition of the NCC introduced new requirements for building and construction in the ACT. These changes, which are technical in nature, are part of important work that includes engineering registration and developer considerations​​. [“]

3. Specific Changes in NCC 2022:

The NCC 2022 contains significant changes such as a new consistent volume structure and new housing provisions standard. Other changes include aspects related to early childhood centers, fire safety of external walls, waterproofing, weatherproofing, falls to floor waste, number of exits, quantification of performance, plumbing, and referenced standards​​. [“]

4. Energy Efficiency and Livable Housing:

The NCC 2022 brings increased building fabric stringency and introduces a new Whole of Home (WOH) energy use budget. The ACT Government has confirmed that the adoption of the livable housing, energy efficiency, and condensation provisions will be subject to an extended phase-in period​​. [“]

5. Transition Period for Changes:

The transition period for these changes began in May 2023. The focus of these changes is on improving sustainability and energy efficiency in homes, particularly enhancing thermal performance. The transition period for livable housing and energy efficiency changes is set to end on October 1, 2023​​. [“]

These updates represent a significant step towards improving building standards in the ACT, focusing on energy efficiency, safety, and accessibility in construction practices.


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