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A Safety Guide For Workers On A Construction Site​

Although the building and construction industry is an interesting one to work in, there are risks to occupational health and safety. Most construction sites have potential hazard points, making measures for workers’ protection highly important. In 2018, construction sites accounted for 21.1% of all workplace fatalities globally.  

When working in the construction industry, it is essential to thoroughly understand the potential threats to one’s safety. We have developed a comprehensive guide to construction site safety if you’re a student, apprentice, or aspiring tradesperson planning on joining a construction site.  

Why is Safety Important?  

The safety of workers should be of prime importance as it can be fatal if anyone gets injured at a work site. The majority of occupational fatalities and non-fatal injuries, according to a recent report by the Health and Safety Executive, were caused by slips and falls, accidents with items or vehicles, or improperly moving or carrying heavy equipment. Most of these accidents and injuries occur at construction sites due to weak safety considerations.  

These injuries are considerably decreased by following construction safety regulations and taking advantage of workplace safety training. These guidelines instruct workers on how to avoid hazardous circumstances and respond to them, in addition to preventing harmful events from happening in the first place. 

Understanding the Safe Work Method Statements 

All employers should have a construction site safety plan for their workers if they work in that industry. 

Worksafe Victoria, a government-sponsored workplace safety organization, advises construction companies to obtain Safe Work Method Statements. 

The Safe Work Method Statements serve as a safety checklist for personnel on construction sites. You can access it in two possible ways. You will receive these from your employers before actively engaging on the site. Alternatively, you may be required to attend induction training before joining the workforce on the site.  

It is essential to realize that you risk hurting yourself or your coworkers if you do not focus on the Safe Work Method Statement. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so ensure you are thoroughly familiar with your Safe Work Method Statements. 

Fortunately, there’s an instruction-led method to learn it. You can learn this from BCTA through Diploma in Building and Construction (Building). You get to learn the OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) regulations and all about safety on the construction site.  

The Fundamentals to Consider for the Safety of Workers on a Construction Site  

Below are some tips that must be considered to ensure the safety of the workers on the construction site. 

  • All personnel working on a construction site should wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) properly. PPE includes helmets, gloves, ear muffs, boots, and suits.  
  • Understanding the construction signs is imperative for the workers. These include prohibition, firefighting, warning, and safe condition signs, to mention a few.  
  • Clear instructions on the construction site are also helpful for safety purposes. There should be a safety supervisor present; as a result, all employees will be able to become accustomed to site operations. 
  • Cleaning up the construction site is also vital for safety. Remove all the site debris, dust, loose nails, and stagnant water, which can cause slips resulting in serious accidents. To avoid such slips, the building site needs to be cleaned daily and cleared of clutter. 
  • Organizing the tools and the store is also an art that can save many potential accidents. Ensure no tools are lying around, and unplug all lights and power tools. Following safety regulations on construction sites will assist in avoiding damage to equipment or even worker injuries. Putting them in their correct positions will help make navigation simpler.  

Adhering to these simple steps for the safety of the workers on the construction site can save you from trouble. In addition, according to Victoria Australia, the following steps can further your safety requirements. 

You must obtain a White Card 

All personnel working on a construction site in Victoria must possess a Construction Induction, usually called a White Card. Anyone performing paid work on a construction site, including apprentices, tradespeople, and site managers, is subject to this rule. 

The person holding the White Card is supposed to be familiar with the OHS regulations, emergency protocols, and supervision arrangements.   

Choose BCTA to Learn about the Safety on a Construction Site 

At BCTA, we offer courses in building and construction, such as Certificate IV in building and construction and a Diploma in Building and Construction (building). In these courses, you can learn about the safety of the workers and all about the regulations of Victoria.  

The courses offered by BCTA are Fully funded by the government. Enroll now, and take the next step in your career.  


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